Sunday, February 2, 2014

Your very own, have it your way Pizza at Project Pie

Everybody loves pizza. 
Now, what if you get to choose every single topping you're going to get?
You can have it your way at ...

You can have a sweet pizza with toppings like banana and nutella or the normal pizza with sauce and cheese!

They will let you choose between red sauce or white sauce then give you the control over what toppings you wanna put on your own pizza!

What also made me love this place is that the crew speaks in english! It makes them sound so classy.

After choosing your toppings, they'd ask for your name and place it on this tray with your name and the toppings you chose.

I, of course topped my pizza with my favorites: Mozzorella, parmasean, mushrooms, pepperoni and black olives.

Oh dear, I feel like i'm in heaven. All my favorites in one pizza. It just doesn't get any better than this!

Wait, it does! They have their own photo booth!

For a new, young and modern feel, head on down to Project Pie! (This one's in Blue bay, near SM Mall of Asia)

Food Junkie,
Eunick Nobe

Friday, January 31, 2014

Fresh Catch: Shrimp Shack

It had always been nice discovering something new isn't it? Strolling around our "extended" university canteen, this new restaurant caught our attention. 

Shrimp Shack is located at Robinson's Ermita, 3rd floor Midtown Wing. We visited Shrimp Shack, on the fourth day of its opening, a sister company of The Old Spaghetti House. 

Shrimp Shack's Menu 

My friend ordered Garlic Shrimp Scampi (Php185), because obviously it's their specialty. For someone who's favorite is shrimp, "it's perfectly done, garlic and butter blends well with the natural flavor of the shrimp." 

Soy-glazed Chicken BBQ (Php155), "juiciness and tenderness in one bite.."

Grilled Baby Back Ribs (Php 260) craving for some ribs but kinda short in budget, this is just for you.. "grilled to perfection, juicy and tasty. you just can't let go of the bones" 

US Angus Burger Steak (Php 255)

 Surf and Turf (Php 320) Garlic Shrimp, Angus Beef BBQ,

Fried Chicken Tenders (Php165) - golden buttered chicken, french fries served with honey mustard dip.

If you want to try out all these delicious food or you just want to satisfy your cravings, visit Shrimp Shack a fresh and new catch for your hungry stomach.

Food Junkie,
Agel Sy

BBQ Addiction: Maru

Okay okay, first of all, this a completely different barbecue. It's one of the now slowly being popular bbqs amongst Filipinos.
Yes, it's the Korean Grill!

For my first Korean grill adventure, my friends suggested I try Maru in Macapagal Ave. And so I did.

(Sorry in advance for the shitty phone cam photos hihi)

We decided to sit on the side where we had to remove our shoes and sit while crossing our legs. I thought: "If we're gonna eat Korean food, might as well eat like them!"

On to the menu!

I'll give you a free view of some of the items on their menu (don't worry. I asked permission)

We then proceeded with our order.

I know most people really prefer Samgyupsal (Pork belly, think of bacon) I really like beef over pork so I ordered Galbisal (boneless beef ribs) and just to satisfy my curiosity, I ordered Samgyupsal too.

Left: Galbisal (P350)
Right: Samgyupsal (P280)

Oh, and each order comes with free UNLIMITED refills of side dishes! My favorite part of Maru!

Side dishes ( I know, plenty huh?)

I love the kind of lettuce they use! Crunchy and sweet. Unlimited too!

Dips: Sesame Oil with salt & Pepper, Ssamjang

Oh! And before you wrap those delicious meat in some lettuce, you dip it into these awesome paste and oil! They really enhance the natural flavor of the meat and gives it the addictive Korean taste!

Grilling time!

Tip: don't play with your meat! Let them cook before turning them. Turning them over and over causes the meat to lose it's flavor. So be patient :)

And since we want to get the whole Korean experience, we ordered some extra dishes.

Dolsot Bibimbap (P350)

It's like a Korean rice topping dish served in a hot clay pot. You get to mix all the ingredients into the rice! It wont be pretty but it's definitely super good!

Bulgogi (P300)

I'd love to marry the marinade! Awesome flavor, but really small serving :(

Sundubu Jjige (P350)

Hot tofu soup with some meat and seafoods. A must try for me! I love that it's spicy and the tofu is really silky and soft! 

Overall, Maru gave me the Korean Experience I was looking for!
I have no other experience so I really can't compare it yet, but as long as my tummy is satisfied, I think I could recommend this to Korean food virgins out there! 

I have always loved Japanese food & I never thought I would be craving for Korean as well!

We all really have to get out and try new things once in a while. :)

Check out Maru Korean Grill soon and tell us your experience! 

Food Junkie,
Marnelli Gaerlan

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yasuo: Affordable Japanese Food

Craving for authentic Japanese food but feeling pretty low on budget?
Well we found just the perfect place for you!
Located at Robinson's Ermita is a Japanese restaurant named Yasuo.

From the name to the ambiance, to the people working there, everything seemed so authentic! You'd immediately feel the Japanese ambiance... In a mall.

Menus were given, and I had my eyes set for the beef bowl. So the friendly waiter took our orders.

The wait wasn't that long, and we had our meals set on the table.

I could still see smoke rising from the beef bowl. I just couldn't resist; so I took a whiff, and boy, did it smell good!!

Ready with the chopsticks! Placed them between my fingers aaaaand, dug into the food!

The saltiness of the beef was balanced with the seasoning and the steamed, signature, Japanese rice! I just can't stop myself, so I just continued eating.

My friends ordered tempura, ramen and chicken teriyaki. 
And as a routine, we get to taste each other's food.
I first tasted the tempura. I'm not really a fan of Japanese mayo, or any kind of mayo. But the mayo just balances the flavor of the tempura. It was served hot, so the tempura was still fresh and it tasted real good!

Next was the chicken teriyaki. For that sweet, Japanese flavor! The chicken was cooked to perfection, so it was perfectly tender. And the sauce? Wow! Just the right amount of sweetness! All the flavors ju
st dancing around my mouth!

And finally, the ramen. Nothing says Japanese than a bowl of hot Ramen. Slightly spicy, slightly sweet, slightly salty, slightly tangy and a WHOLE LOT of flavor! Real flavor, in fact! Go ahead and try it!

Everything was amazing!
So like i said, if you need an affordable, authentic Japanese restaurant, this is the place to be!

Come visit Yasuo because everything is Japa-NICE!

Food Junky,
Eunick Nobe

Friday, January 24, 2014

Great Taste, Big Serving: Tasty Dumplings

Along the streets of Ongpin in Binondo, Manila you'll see Tasty Dumplings. The first time you will hear about it you will immediately think that it's just another dumpling store. But , they offer more than that. 

Tasty Dumplings is your typical restaurant chain, that offers different dishes that will satisfy your hungry stomach. 

One of TD's best seller is their Pork Chop Rice. The size of the pork chop is to die for, where in probably one cup of rice is not enough. The seasoning, crispiness and tenderness of THE pork chop says it all on why it's their best seller. 

Tossed Kuchay Dumpling Noodles. This is the reason why they are called "Tasty Dumplings" it really is tasty. 

Can you just imagine taking a bite of these dumpling when you are craving for one. YES ! Heaven. 

For about 200Php you can go home with a satisfied and full stomach. Especially those days where you crave anything but Chinese. It had always been a nice thing trying out different style of cooking food. 

Ongpin, Binondo Manila
Near Binondo Church

Food Junkie, 

Agel Sy

Cute lil' Café along Taft: Noriter

Since we're always around Taft Ave., we want to share with you guys where we usually hang out (for hours and hours)!

Noriter is a super cute café in front of La Salle University Manila (above Tapa King). It's probably the chillest café where in you can even lie down and sleep or express your creativity in paper cups to be displayed in the café itself!

Not only that, they have some delicious coffee blends and fraps perfect for long talks or even sweet dates.

If you're hungry, you can check out their menu composed of sandwiches, pastas and waffles!

So if ever you're in Taft, with a group, a date or a book, and you need a place to just "chill", check out Noriter and tell us about your experience! :)

Food Junkie,
Marnelli Gaerlan

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Something Moroccan: Fez Gastro Pub

Fez Gastro Pub is located in the rows of restaurant in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City. A Moroccan Cuisine which some of you may or may not like at all. 

We were fortunate enough to be invited for the launching of a new dish at Fez Gastro Pub in Serendra - the Tagine.

Tagine is a Moroccan classic stew but Fez took it a step further by deconstructing it to an awesome level. It was served with spices like cumin, saffron in a bed of couscous and even some candy coated spice as a surprise.

The Tagine was served in colorful containers that just made us giggle with excitement!

Beef  Tagine (Php 659), Chicken Tagine ( Php 606 )

The idea is to eat is as you wish! you get to decide how to flavor the already flavorful meat with the spices you want plus the perfect red sauce.

Did I mention that the beef was superbly tender and all the spices compliments it so well?

Merguez Pizza ( Php 258)

Pizza of Fez. Or should I say, FEZ-za? Clever, right? No? Oh well, don't mind me. Just lose yourself while eating Fez's yummy pizza!

Indulge in this Moroccan style pizza; Thin crusted, über cheesy, quite spicy, with a slight tang and just right amount of sweetness to balance it all!

They've got heaps of cheese on that, with prunes and apricots and green bell peppers and meat and a whole square of flavor!

You'll never go wrong with Fez's pizza. It's just one of their amazing dishes on the menu! Don't forget to order it, I swear, you won't regret it!

Beef and Chicken Persian Kebabs Combo ( Php 378 ) 

I've always wanted to try Kebabs, it was my first time eating it and well, it satisfied my so called expectation. Fez's Kebabs were perfectly grilled, skewered beef and chicken in between cucumbers, onions, cherry tomatoes and olives. It also has rice on the side that compliments the saltiness and buttery feel of the dish.

I've tasted both the Chicken and the Beef Kebabs, and I love how tender the beef were and the seasoning explodes in my mouth. I was never really a fan of Chicken meat, nonetheless, it tastes good as well.

Papadum Crisps ( Php 258 )

Papadum Crisps were our appetizer while waiting for the other food to arrive in our blessed and hungry stomachs. They were spicy, that kind of spice that leaves a mark on your tongue, but since I love eating spicy food I went on eating more.

If you're not one of those person who likes spicy food, you can still recreate that spiciness by dipping the Papadum Crisps on the yogurt dip. But, what's good about this is that you can have a taste of it in unlimited amount. Yey!

We usually don't go for Moroccan when we go on our food escapades but Fez has convinced us that it's a cuisine that can also be crave worthy!

Fez Gastro Pub
Serendra, Bonifacio Global City

Food Junkies,

Flery, Agel, Marnelli and Eunick